I once heard that the “World’s Greatest” copywriter, Gary Bencivenga, had a trick he used to boost the odds he’d crank out a highly-profitable promotion. View Gary Bencivenga’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Gary has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on. gary bencivenga. “The vast majority of products are sold because of the need for love, the fear of shame, the pride of achievement, the drive for recognition, the.

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I have personally reserved nearly ALL of her writing time for What can you work into your selling message that will attract more attention, build more interest, stimulate more desire, and ultimately provoke hary action-taking than the already-successful marketing?

Maximize ROI | When You’re Serious About Maximizing ROI, Start Here

Great ggary skills, considerable persuasive powers and a mind like a steel trap. Yet it all was very real. Tags consulting copywriting direct mail direct marketing internet marketing mailbox monday productivity.

Make a list and prioritize. When I first met Parris, he was about ten years younger, green and cocky as hell, and was willing to work for cheap.

Gary Bencivenga swipe file?

And as a bonus, Gary is the nicest, sweetest, most humble, and the most generous guy you could ever bary to meet. While extensive research takes time, the investment pays off. Stop guessing what’s working, and start seeing it for yourself. Not to be repeated.


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He’s also worked directly with, mentored under, and discovered the secrets of some of the world’s top response-driven marketers.

Negotiation secrets of the most persuasive men who ever lived December BSA The page converts decently and everyone is happy. Hi, I work for Perry Marshall—he attended the Bencivenga seminar — we are looking to obtain the dvds.

What is the primary benefit? Persuasion techniques that get leads practically worshipping you BSA One of the most famous print ads, about learning the piano, tells a simple but powerful story to illustrate the benefit of the end result.

Because Gary Bencivenga truly believed in my Charles Givens Newsletter concept and promised to write the copy. My wonderful wife, Pauline, patiently handles all such trivia so I can focus on what really matters in life, which from my lamentably narrow perspective means studying the most effective techniques of persuasion and scheming with my clients to boost their response.

If you are ever so fortunate as to share a meal with Carline, guard your plate carefully; because as far as she’s concerned, “share” is the operative word. So if any of what I’ve said to you has helped, you have Carline to thank. If it is in any way possible, please let me have an advance copy. In basketball, everyone wants to ‘be like Mike. Worst way ever invented for starting an email BSA What’s not to love?


I hired him to help me on several health promotions for a favorite client — and on his very first draft, it was clear to me that this guy had what it takes! Then step bencivenag, fellow gunslinger, and let me strap across your worthy shoulders a full bandoleer.

Million Dollar Copywriter Kent Komae. In fact, he started off his presentation by acknowledging his upbringing in Crown Heights, Brooklyn — a place that might as well be miles instead of the 11 miles it is from Midtown Manhattan. Great stuff Clayton, thanks for the interviews.

Once her food’s gone, yours is fair game! Oh, if he only knew you were on the bencivnga with me a couple days ago! They got me in the door for opportunities I had no right getting in the door for.