Genetyka populacji i metody hodowlane. Front Cover. Bolesław Żuk, Heliodor Wierzbicki, Magdalena Zaton-Dobrowolska. Powszechne Wydawnictwo Rolnicze i. : Genetyka populacji i metody hodowlane () by Wierzbicki Heliodor, Zaton-Dobrowolska Magdalena i inni Zuk Boleslaw and a. Genetyka populacji i metody hodowlane: Books –

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Genetic diversity in Hucul and Polish primitive horse breeds.

Erozja genetyczna

The effects of line crossing following selection in mice. Phenotypes to genetically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in dairying. Detection of the important chromosomal regions determining the production traits in meat-type chicken using entropy analysis. Genetics Genefyka Evolution Journal of Dairy Science Izabela Wenda – pracownik naukowo-techniczny.

Ppulacji association study of footrot in Texel sheep. Projekty badawcze realizowane w ostatnich latach: Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances The effect of non-genetic factors on reproduction traits of primiparous Polish Holstein-Friesian cows.


Genetic aspects of feed efficiency and reduction of environmental footprint in broilers — a review. A well-known mutation in RYR1 alters distribution of adipose tissue in gilts.

Metody hodowlane i genetyka populacji

Journal hodowoane Animal Breeding and Genetics Genetic trends for body weight traits in dairy cattle population. Journal of Applied Genetics Pedigree analysis of topmilk yielding cows. New approach for the detection of loci determining duck meat quality. Comparision of two methods of housing primiparous cows. Genetic evaluation of laying performance in the Popualcji goose: Longevity of use and reasons for beef cattle culling in Poland. Genetic parameters of carcass traits in ducks from a crossbred population.

A comparison of principal component regression and genomic REML for genomic prediction across populations. Mucha S, Gornowicz E.

Pedigree analysis of Polish warmblood horses hodowkane in riding performance tests. Inbreeding and offspring sex ratio in the Pygmy Hippopotamus Cheoropsis liberiensis population kept in zoological gardens. Linki Workshop on genomic selection with focus on single-step methodology. Associations of fifty single nucleotide polymorphisms within condidate genes with meatness in pigs.


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Heritability of methane emissions from dairy cows over a lactation measured on commercial farms. Archiv Tierzucht 58, Pedigree analyses of the Zatorska goose population. Wybrane publikacje z ostatnich lat: Hodowane factors in the analysis of lamb survival. Cytological quality of milk of primiparous cows kept in cubicles bedded with separated manure.