Getting Unstuck has ratings and 48 reviews. Unwisely said: I went to all the career sessions Tim Butler hosted, and thought I didn’t need to read the book. Getting Unstuck Summary, written by Timothy Butler, Ph.D., is a book dedicated to all the people struggling with their career choice. It aims to. Feeling trapped in your career? Author Timothy Butler believes that your dead ends are your biggest opportunities. Here, Louise FitzBaxter shares her.

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Start by sitting comfortably and straight in a chair.

Completed the first two assignments – on to the third I’m writing an e-mail bktler Tim right now to tell him how he changed my life. I have finished reading it, but I need to go back and finish the work that goes with the book. And he felt as if the headless, mindless statue spoke to him.

To me, this made listening more of a chore, having to decode the consultant-speak into English.

The reality of career change is not as ordered as Butler’s theory. Gettung then make changes, grow, and eventually start over again. And I think there’s a lot more to some of the points. It encourages to use the impasse of getting stuck in order to be more creative in ones life.

Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths by Timothy Butler – Leadershop @

I really appreciate the undertone of sympathetic discernment with which the whole text has been written with. And I appreciated what I heard of the exercises.


You will need a group of people to bounce ideas off of- preferably people who have worked with you, supervised you, or worked under you current direct reports won’t work since they can’t be trusted to tell you the whole truth. Apr 21, Ruth rated it liked it. Feeling stuck in life? Yes, delving into your personality is an important part of a career shift.

I personally had to take 3 or 4 sizable breaks over the course of 3 months to just process the thoughts stimulated by the book. I listened to the audiobook version. How you use the insights to get curious, experiment, have fun and move forward in the real world is key — and the answers to those questions are not to be found in Getting Unstuck. Now, select all the jobs that interest you the most!

Getting Unstuck

I mean, that is what I got from it. Nov 01, Patrick rated it liked unstucck. It’s a kind of professional self-development book, not going too deep, but focusing instead on simple principles and answers. I really enjoyed this book. Timothy has captured his career coaching process very well. The exercises, which were key to using this for self-analysis, were best read, not listened to.

I went to all the career sessions Tim Butler hosted, and thought I didn’t need to timofhy the book. Getting 16, Emma rated it really liked it Shelves: I also feel like I am better equipped to ‘get unstuck. He walks through several stages of the impasse experience and gives practical exercises to help readers learn lessons at each stage. The accuser uses doubt during our impasse to hold us back from seeing our true potential. Going in I thought people would be my top, but as I read and considered his POV, I realized that this is actually my lowest – which is important for my current job search.


Timorhy depending on your job choices, see what kind of person you are. He lists jobs, and you select the ones that most excite you, regardless of pay, skills, etc.

Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths

And if you love to dabble in human psychology and personality typing you’ll love this book. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

You see, Rainer Rilke was a great German poet, possibly the most beloved foreign author in the English-speaking world. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In the vision part of the book, Gettung states it is better to choose a job that plays to our natural strengths and develop our weakness in that job, rather than a job that focuses on our weakness.

It puts ‘being stuck’ in psychological terms. Provided you finish the book with a commitment to have a breakthrough, he definitely hits it you Amazing book. The best part were its activities, especially the Jobs Exercise p. May your hand be your entire world.

Next, you identify your top motivations between power, people, and achievements. Stop slaving to the orders of hat voice in your head telling you to stay put.