Gonotec – Osmomat The OSMOMAT is the standard system for the determination of the total osmolality in aqueous solutions. This system is commonly. Gonotec Gesellschaft für Meß- und Regeltechnik mbH does not assert any claim on trademarks or trade names other than its own. ® OSMOMAT model. Find pricing on new and used Gonotec Osmomat ‘s and other lab products. Connect with a variety of sellers on LabX and buy today.

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Attention refer to documentation! Please follow the safety notices in the equipment operating instructions. Appears beside the name of the product batch.

REF Article number or order number The following pages provide you with a step-by-step introduction to using, maintaining and servicing the measurement equipment. Passages requiring special attention are marked as follows: This symbol warns against the danger of corrupting measurement results—for example, through improper use of measuring vessels.

This symbol warns against the danger of damaging the unit or the measurement system—for example, through improper servicing. Subject to errors and technical changes.

The information contained in this document may be changed without prior notice. Osmomzt trademarks and trade names used in this document may be trademarks or names of the corresponding companies or their products.

Freezing point depression of solvent Rear view of the Osmomat Thermistor oosmomat mounting plate Thermistor probe adjustment along X-axis Thermistor probe adjustment along Y-axis Replacing an initiation needle Correct feed direction for paper roll Incorrect feed direction osmmat paper roll Printer with paper roll RS interface with pin assignment Analog interface with pin assignment Malfunction of the upper cooling system component group Malfunction of the printer component group NaCl solutions for osmometry based on Geigy scientific tables, 8th edition Its purpose is to provide information to help identify, diagnose, monitor and treat physiological osmlmat, states of health or illnesses.

Osmolality is an important measure of concentration for diluted solutions, such as all bodily fluids. The measuring speed permits rapid series measurements. In the pharmaceutical industry and research, the Osmomat is used to test various aqueous solutions saline drips, etc.

Plausibility checks of the results must be performed by the doctor with the support of the pertinent literature. The freezing points of pure water and a solution are measured and compared.

That means that one mol of a given non-dissociated substance 6. The following definitions are used in calculating osmolality: Once the sample solution has reached a specific temperature below the freezing point, crystallization is automatically initiated.

The OSMOMAT initiates crystallization by injecting the sample with a stainless steel needle that is cooled by a secondary upper cooling system and at the tip of which small ice crystals have formed through moisture in the air. When crystallization begins, ice forms spontaneously. The heat that was removed during undercooling is released again, the temperature rises spontaneously and the temperature of the sample rises to the freezing point.

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If the sample consists of water solventequilibrium is achieved as long as the sample contains water and ice. The temperature remains constant because further heat removal does not result in a lowering of the temperature but the formation of ice.

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The time of temperature equilibrium is known as plateau time. Only after complete crystallization the temperature does fall again. If the sample consists of a solution, the pure water in the solution crystallizes spontaneously and the substances move to the rest of the solution. This means that at the time the freezing point temperature is measured, the concentration is higher than in the original solution. A plateau occurs here as well, but it is inclined. The osmolality reading is taken at the resulting reversal point Figure 1: Freezing point depression of solvent.

The temperature is measured with a resolution of 1. Freezing point depression of solvent Introduction 9 1 Introduction 1.

If any damage is found, notify the manufacturer: The packaging is re-usable. Please save the packaging in case it becomes necessary to ship the unit back to us for repairs or servicing.

This will save you the time and money needed to find equally suitable packaging. We cannot accept responsibility for any missing items reported at a later date. Rear view of the Osmomat 2.

The power consumption is VA. Special models using V or V are also available. Do not block the air intake openings on the bottom of the unit.

Gonotec Osmomat 030

If the power cord plug does not match the conventional power outlets in your location, you may substitute another power cord. It is also important to ensure that the voltage indicated on the nameplate matches that of your electricity network. Incorrect voltage will cause the fuse in the power supply unit to blow.

Five horizontal dashes appear on the digital display. The waiting period of approximately two minutes is necessary for the formation of ice crystals at the upper cooling system. The waiting period can be interrupted by pressing any key. You will feel a slight resistance and hear a click. The highly sensitive thermistor probe is now immersed in the sample solution. Measuring vessels that are gonktec loosely or incorrectly will yield non-reproducible results.

Now press the measuring vessel holder down gnotec the measuring position noticeable resistance. The measuring vessel is immediately cooled by the lower cooling system. The current temperature of the solution is shown on the digital display in degrees Celsius. The cooling 00 can be directly observed. The moment the gonltec temperature is reached, crystallization is initiated automatically by the injection of ice osmonat, and an acoustic signal sounds.


The resulting ice formation causes the temperature to rise to the freezing point of the solution. Setup and Initial Operation 13 3 Setup and Initial Operation After the measurement process is finished—regardless of whether it was osmomta or produced an error osmimat the elevator has been raised, the measurement system automatically switches to standby and is ready for the next measurement.

It should therefore be handled according to the safety provisions and precautions for electric measurement, control and laboratory equipment. The unit must be adequately disinfected prior to decommissioning.

Equipment must be decommissioned in accordance with local accident prevention guidelines. The unit emits no harmful osmo,at either in operation or while switched off. Symbols on the unit and its nameplate correspond to the requirements of the following standards: Such hazards and risks cannot entirely be excluded for technical equipment, however.

These operating instructions help you gain a basic understanding of the design, the measurement principle, maintenance and servicing of the unit. Please gnotec special attention to chapter 7. There must be no visible air bubbles in the liquid! Next, place the measuring vessel securely onto the measuring vessel holder.

It should engage slightly. Make sure the lid of the measuring vessel is pointing forward. The thermistor probe is now immersed in the water. Press the ZERO key. The display shows 0. The measuring vessel holder is lowered and the cooling process begins.

Osmomay display shows the current temperature. After undercooling has occurred, the needle will automatically be submerged, initiating crystallization. The freezing point of distilled water will be achieved and recorded by the unit.

When calibrating, be aware that the thermistor probe may still be contaminated with sample residues from previous measurements. Following the zero point calibration, a control measurement with water should confirm the exact calibration. If necessary, a new calibration must be carried out. Always use a new measuring vessel with fresh distilled water for each new measurement.

The thermistor probe is now immersed in the liquid. Press the CAL key. The digital display shows the value and the CAL control lamp illuminates yellow. Pressing this key again toggles through the following values: