Kitāb-i mustaṭāb-i Kullīyāt-i (Collection of works from Hakim Sanai) contains poetic works of Abu al-Majd Majdud ibn Adam Sanai Ghaznwai (died circa ). Hakim Sanai. Those unable to grieve, or to speak of their love, or to be grateful, those who can’t remember God as the source of everything,. might be described. Browse through Hakim Sanai’s poems and quotes. 0 poems of Hakim Sanai. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. Hakim.

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All of you are far from the road of devotion: You cannot see anything, being blind by night, and by day one-eyed with your foolish wisdom! The coming of death is the key which unlocks the unknown domain; but for death, the door of true faith would remain unopened, If you yourself are upside down in reality, then your wisdom and faith are bound to be topsy-turvy. To non-existence mosque and church are one; to a shadow, heaven and hell likewise.

Collection of Works from Hakim Sanai – World Digital Library

De Bruijn December 15, These words were like an earthquake to Hakim Sanwi, because he knew they were true. The Walled Garden of Truth Nov 24, Despite his strong influence not much is known about his life and much is gleaned from his poetry which is often autobiographical.

Not one knows how far it is from nothingness to God. The way is not far from you to a friend: Uakim in this land of fruitless pursuits, you are always unbalanced, always either all back or all front; but once the seeking soul has progressed just a few paces beyond this state, love seizes the reins.


Sufi poetryWisdom Literature. The man was Lai Khur and Sanai stopped to admonish him.

His means for this awakening is surrender to God, his poetry has been called “the essential fragrance of the path of love”. Integral to this was love without which we are all lost and separated from God.

Your selfishness is an untrained colt. As long as you cling to your self you will wander right and left, day and night, for thousands of years; and when, after all that effort, you finally open your eyes, you will see your self, through inherent defects, wandering around itself like the ox on the mill; but, if, once freed from your self, you finally get down to work, this door will open to you within two minutes. He is the provider of both faith and worldly goods; he is none other than the disposer of our lives.

Break free from your chains you have forged about yourself; for you will be free when you are free of clay. Verses appear very compressed throughout, covering entire pages including the margins. What is it to him whether you are there or not? If he gives you poison, deem it honey; and if he shows you anger, deem it mercy.

Hakim Sanai: The Walled Garden of Truth

Knowing what you know, be serene also, like the mountain; and do not be distressed by misfortune. Modern collected works of Sanai are an outcome of a complex textual transmission stretching back centuries, during which their contents have changed in various ways, particularly in the order of poems, variant texts, and the numbers of verses.

How ahkim it that you are satisfied with mere rags? Retrieved from ” https: Poems Bio Influences Galllery.

He is considered yakim first poet to use verse forms as the qasidah odethe ghazal lyricand the masnavi rhymed couplet to express the philosophical, mystical, and ethical ideas of Sufism. Never stand still on the path become non-existent. While mankind remains mere baggage in the world It will be swept along, as in a boat, asleep. Your email address will not be published.

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Hakim Sanai

He is no tyrant: God is without cause: The path consists in neither words nor deeds: For close to years, From The Walled Garden of Hakm has been consistently read as a classic and employed as a Sufi textbook. Non-existent even to the notion of becoming non-existent.

He created your mental powers; yet his knowledge is innocent of the passage of thought. List of sufis Notable early Notable modern Singers. And does haki sun exist for the cock to crow at?

For the wise man evil and good are both exceeding good. Unself yourself… until you see your self as a speck of dust you cannot possibly reach that place; self could never breathe that air, so wend your way there without self. Time Does Not Sanxi Part 1 of 2.

Hqkim Poems Around The World. At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world. We will not share your email address with anyone else, ever. But how will you ever know him, as long as you are unable to know yourself?

Daughter of Fire Kabir: The book has hakm than pages in total, paginated with Indo-Arabic numerals. He died around Bosworth, The Later Ghaznavids Donate We welcome your donations to keep this project thriving.