Announcements. New to the game? Check out the links on the FAQ page. Live streams wiki. Match threads: How to request a thread via the bot. Harsha Bhogle speaks about Excellence at IIM Ahmedabad. Email me for info on how to get Harsha Bhogle speech DVDs for free. You can. Harsha Bhogle is an Indian cricket Commentator and journalist. He was born in a Marathi speaking family in Hyderabad.

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This morning, these words have a very important meaning to me!

Ravi January 30,7: Talent needs to be bhoglw by actions. It seems, he was an alumni of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and went back there to give a speech on How to Achieve Excellence.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Brijesh, A huge thank you to your efforts in offering this video to the world.

Glad you liked it. Send me an email if you want the DVD of this video.

apeech Brijesh September 9,2: And I have seen too many outrageously talented, young Indian cricketers who chased the rupee and lost the runs. Gopinath December 15,6: Thanks a lot Dude,………and if possible send me more links to these kinds of talk………. Don’t change the title of uarsha you submit. Brijesh May 26,3: Can I bring this to my profession what this cameraman brings to his? Sahaj August 30,1: Lalit, Email me for the info of how to get this DVD for free.


I used to fantasise about the sound of it hitting my palm. Jayesh Parmar October 23,8: Was looking for this for quite some time. I liked the speech very much. Follow this and this as a guideline. Off-topic comments are ok if no other rules are broken. He used the fascinating example of a principle that the Australian Army uses when recruiting for an elite core team: Its very big in size and I am having some trouble uploading to the site. Ability opens the first door, it might open the second door, but it is not going to open the last door for you, because the guy who is bowling the last ball has got equal ability as you.

Thank you ,Thank you Harsha sir.

This site uses cookies. Ends are the driver of ambition, but the ends should not affect the means. Please become facebook fan on brijux. The Australian cricket coach says that and the Australian swimming coach says that; the idea being not to allow the pressure of the result harshq choke your performance.


Harsha Bhogle’s Inspirational speech at IIM Ahmedabad(Video) | DeshGujarat

The Aussies will never say that we have lost. Its a great inspiration watching this. Brijesh September 28,5: These guys are working their backsides off. Do let me know the formalities for the same. Brijesh December 19, Make the process of achievement supreme and make the result spdech. Want to add to the discussion? Hey Brijesh, Is there any link to down load this video?

Talent Is The Most Useless Thing To Possess, Says Harsha Bhogle & He Makes So Much Sense

Hussain June 30,7: Brijesh June 8, These are posted every saturday by automoderator too. And if you’ve never failed, they don’t pick you. Hi Brijesh, Thanks for sharing such a gr8 vdo. Manujain May 22, Use of pseech site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.