HARTOG COMMITTEE REPORT, The Government of India Act of did not satisfy the Indian people. In order to satisfy the Indian people it was felt. on constitutional reforms was to be appointed in But owing to the tary education. The auxiliary Committee popularly known as the Hartog Committee. formation of the Simon Commission in and the appointment of the Hartog Committee in alongwith its recommendations on Primary, Secondary.

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Regular promotion of the students to the next higher class is interrupted resulting in the withdrawal of the student 1992 school learning. What did the Hartog Committee haryog by Wastage and stagnation? The honours course should be of more advanced nature than the pass courses and these courses should be instituted only at the universities. It had no other purpose before it. The total numbers of primary schools were 1, 96, in The committee found that the whole system of secondary education was dominated by the matriculation examination and the ideal of every boy who entered a secondary school was to prepare himself for the university examinations.

So the recommendations of the committee aroused sharp reaction. The report was hailed as the torch bearer of Government efforts. It seemed at that time that this branch of science would claim him. But the general people of the country were asking for quantitative expansion.

The committee observed that primary education had become meaningless and ineffective. Hartog committee recommended that the Harijans should receive education along with other caste Hindus and not in separate schools.

It mentioned that the great waste of money and efforts which resulted because of the pupils leaving their schools before completing the particular stage of education.

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Hartog Committee Report,

Hartog was also a member of the Sadler Commission. There was a healthy competition among the people for opening new schools and many teachers opened their own schools by being dissatisfied with the existing state of educational affairs. The Government therefore authorised the commission to appoint a Committee to help it in preparing a report on education.

This made the Indian people offended and new political unrest was imminent. Kisch they were married inand three sons ensued. Since he was the chairman of the Committee, the Committee was known as Hartog Committee.

There were certain schools that did not hold their sessions regularly. Moreover, economic backwardness, agriculture, barriers of caste, religion and communal feelings are the main hindrances in the path of the progress of primary education in India.

It is necessary for us to know the terms of reference of the Hartog Committee— The Hartog committee commttee appointed to enquire the organisation of various aspects of education in India and to give its suggestions for its over all improvement and commuttee.

Recommendation of Hartog Commission (1929)

According to Hartog Committee the system of secondary education was exam oriented and the percent of failures in Matriculation examination was very large. Rhodes and also, in a subsequent book, The Marks of Examinersof Dr. Inthe Hartog Committee submitted its report.

Giving importance on developing the libraries of the universities was one of the important recommendations of the commission. Most of the students were attracted towards higher education because they realised that secondary education could not fulfill their aspirations.

Discuss the recommendations of the Hartog Committee in different aspects of education. The students should be encouraged to offer these courses as they would be of great help in practical life. The Committee pointed out the following special difficulties in the path of progress of primary education— The Committee realised that the majority of the Indian population reside in villages.


Wikisource has original works written by or about: A lot of criticism was levelled against it. But before suggesting recommendations it evaluated the condition of higher education, as prevalent in India in those days.

Philip Hartog – Wikipedia

It admitted that the standard of education in the affiliated colleges of these universities would be poorer than in the teaching universities, but under committfe circumstances affiliated colleges alone could meet the demand for higher education of the people. So, it suggested the following important measures for the improvement of primary education. The Committee recommended that salaries and service conditions of the teachers should be improved so as to attract really commitee persons into the job.

This will be followed by formation of the Simon Commission in and the appointment of the Hartog Committee in committer its recommendations on Primary, Secondary, Higher and other aspects of education. After going through this unit, you will be able to: Although there was general clmmittee of the people in education, the Committee was not satisfied with the growth of literacy in the country. It expressed the opinion that the universities had failed to meet the needs of the people.

In order to remove the defects of the system of secondary education the committee made the following recommendations— Diverting Pupils to Non-Literacy Pursuits: