The historian A. J. P. Taylor wrote that the Hossbach memorandum does not prove Germany’s guilt for the war. The meeting on 5. of November basicly. The Hossbach memorandum – a summary of a meeting between Hitler, ministers and military commanders, where war plans were discussed. Consideration of the Hossbach Memorandum has played a significant role in deciding the question of Hitler’s intention to wage war in Europe.

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The Avalon Project : Hossbach Memorandum

After the war both Hossbach and Kirchbach declared that the U. Contrary to what the Hossbach protocol suggests, Hitler called the conference of 5 November partially to reconcile the hossbacg heads of the military branches and partially to revive the German rearmament program.

Dankwart Kluge has made a valuable contribution to our understanding of the origins of the Second World War. Hitler, we’re told over and over again, set out to conquer the world, or at least Europe. The Fuhrer began by stating that the subject of the present conference was of such importance that its discussion would, in other countries, certainly be a matter for a full Cabinet meeting… He wished to explain to the gentlemen present his basic ideas concerning the opportunities for the development of our position in the field of foreign affairs….

Should the Mediterranean conflict under discussion lead to a general mobilization in Europe, then we must immediately begin action hkssbach the Czechs.

Shortly after the end of the war, Martin turned over this copy to the Allied occupation authorities, who used it to produce a substantially altered version for use as incriminating evidence at Nuremberg.

The Nazis’ Hossbach Memorandum Document of 1937

Shirerbelieved that Blomberg, Fritsch and Neurath were removed because of their opposition to the plans expressed in the Hossbach memorandum. Taylor drew attention to one nossbach that the memorandum can be used to prove; ‘ GoeringRaeder and Neurath had sat by and approved of Hitler’s aggressive plans’. Whatever else might prove necessary later must be left to succeeding generations to deal with.

However, he again fell foul of Adolf Hitler when he disobeyed an order that he saw as being unwise from a military point of view.

However, functionalist historians such as Timothy MasonHans Mommsen and Ian Kershaw argue that the document shows no such plans but the memorandum was an improvised ad hoc response by Hitler to the memofandum crisis in the German economy in the late s. On the other hand, should the powers not engaged in the war declare themselves disinterested, then Germany would have to adopt a similar attitude to this for the time being.


This is used to prevent bots and spam. The conference of 5 November had been called in response to complaints from Admiral Raeder that the navy Kriegsmarine was receiving insufficient allocations of steel and other raw materials and that its entire building programme was thus in danger of collapse.

Friedrich Hossbach died in at the age of It is not a matter of acquiring population but of gaining space for agricultural use. As the conference had been called in response to resolve the dispute, Hitler took the opportunity to provide a summary of his assessment of foreign policy.

The question for Germany ran: The equipment of the army, navy, and luftwaffe, as well as the formation of the officer corps, was nearly completed. For countries outside the great economic empires, opportunities for economic expansion were severely impeded. With the general rise in the standard of living compared with that of 30 to 40 years ago, there has gone hand in hand an increased demand and an increased home consumption even on the part of the producers, the farmers.

In fact, Schacht soon resigned in protest at the pre-eminence of rearmament in Nazi economics. Moreover, it was argued that any German aggression in Eastern Europe was bound to trigger a war with France because of the French alliance system in Eastern Europe, the so-called cordon sanitaireand if that a Franco-German war broke out, Britain was almost certain to intervene to prevent France’s defeat. One thing only was certain, that we could not wait longer.

Nor did they consider the meeting particularly important. German historian Klaus Hildebrand has argued that the memorandum marked the beginning of an “ambivalent course” towards Britain. He mwmorandum to explain to the gentlemen present his basic ideas concerning the opportunities for the development of our position in the field of foreign affairs and its requirements, and he asked, in the interests of a long-term German policy, that his exposition be regarded, in the event of his death, as his last hossabch and testament.

Germany’s future was therefore wholly conditional upon the solving of the need for space, and such a solution could memorabdum sought, of course, only for a foreseeable period of about one to three generations.

Because of opposition of the Dominions, Britain could not cede any of her colonial possessions to us. The incorporation of these two States with Germany meant, from the politico-military point of view, a substantial advantage because it would mean shorter and better frontiers, the freeing of forces for other purposes, and the possibility of creating new units up hssbach a level of about 12 divisions, that is, 1 new division per million inhabitants.

The Origins of the Second World War – after A. J. P. Taylor

The Hossbacu racial community comprised over 85 million people and, because of their number and the narrow limits of habitable space in Europe, constituted a tightly packed racial core such as was not to be met in any other country and such as implied the right to a greater living space than in the case of other peoples. Instead, Taylor believes that the meeting was merely an attempt by Hitler to drum up support from the military.


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The latter arrested him and he was therefore in their custody when the war ended. The first move would be to absorb Austria and Czechoslovakia into the Reich. The history of all ages- the Roman Empire and the British Empire- had proved that expansion could only be carried out by breaking down resistance and taking risks; setbacks were inevitable.

In Victor von Martin characterized the memorandum with these words: Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. This descent upon the Czechs would have to be carried out with “lightning speed. When Hitler came to power inMemogandum was militarily at the mercy of hostile foreign states. Harry Elmer Barnes, to whom the work is dedicated, would have welcomed it heartily.

Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. The outcome of the Abyssinian War was a loss of prestige for Britain which Italy was striving to increase by stirring up the in the Mohammeden world. The British Empire and the Roman Empire could not be compared in respect of permanence; the latter was not confronted by any powerful political rival of a serious order after the Punic Wars. The first part of the document minuted Hitler’s wish that Germany for autarkyas he reasoned that reliance on others makes a state weak.

On the assumption of a development of the Situation leading to action: The Hossbach Conference was held at the Reich Chancellery. The German racial community comprised over 85 million people and, because of their number and memorandkm narrow limits of habitable space in Europe, constituted a tightly packed racial core, such as was not to be met in any other country, hosebach such as implied the right to mwmorandum greater living space than in the case of other peoples….