Buy Knots And Crosses (A Rebus Novel) reissue by Ian Rankin (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. In Knots and Crosses, the dour detective may seem an incomplete invention, but there’s already real clout to Ian Rankin’s inspector. Knots and Crosses (Inspector Rebus Series) [Ian Rankin, Michael Page] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Detective John Rebus’s city is.

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The plot of the book developes around a Scottish detective named John Rebus.

He is a hard drinking man with a troublesome past in the British special forces. He never wants to speak about his past with anyone. One day Rebus gets assigned to a very problematic case wich shocks all of Edinburgh. A serial killer abducts two girls who are later on found dead. There were no signs of them drosses raped, they were simply just strangled to death. As soon as Rebus takes on this case he starts recieving anonymous crank letters with clues and a knotted strings or crossed matches inside the envelope.

Meanwhile Jim Stevens, an ambitious journalist is running his own investigation on Rebus and his connection to his brothers drug dealing.


Ian Rankin – Knots and Crosses

John also has a divorced wife and an eleven year old daughter. He very rarely sees his daughter and his interaction with her is often quite awkward. He is a very lonesome person and he often has flashbacks about his past in the SAS. After his divorce he gets involved with Gill Templer who is also working on his case.

His brother Michael on the other side follwed his fathers footsteps and became a very successful hypnotist, but he has some secrets. After the first kidnapping more khots them occured and the police force was put mnots pressure.

John started to recieve more and more incripted notes wich he just couldnt put together. Later on he figures out that all of these murders were connected to him and that his daughter Samantha was the murderers next victim.

He was too late to save her. When he arrived at her house his daughter had already been kidnapped and his rankih wife injured. Desperate to solve this puzzle, John gets hypnotised by his brother to uncover his supressed memory of his military past. He discovered that the murderer was his old military friend who has turned into his enemy.


Knots & Crosses – Ian Rankin

In the end John decides to face the serial killer on his own and it all comes down to this one last stand between them. I found the book quite enjoyable.

It is a quick, easy read with an intriguing story line and an interesting style of writing. The book is very thin in comparison to other Rebus novels. Some parts of the book could be written in considerably greater length.

The plot of the book is interesting with some predictable parts. I feel that there are a few many pub scenes that weren’t necessary.

Plot Summary

The main character has a very interesting backstory and an interesting personality, so it reasonable that more Rebus books were written. At the start I didn’t find the book very interesting, but it got more interesting as the story developed. I would recommend crossex book to any crime novel reader.