Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Edition. Erratum. December On page , in the. On page 77, paragraph , delete the second sentence so that the amended paragraph reads as follows: “ Audible signals in high noise areas should be . IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code.

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2009 Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units

Chapter 01 General Chapter 1 – General. The provisions apply to both marine and industrial machinery.

Electrical installations design, selection and erection. Arrangements should be made whereby water in the compartment may find its way to the suction pipes. Maritime UK launches updated Code of Practice for autonomous navigation. If the alarm at the main control point is unanswered within 2 min, the toxic gas hydrogen sulphide alarm and the helideck status light under paragraph The Administration may, however, entrust the inspections and surveys either to surveyors nominated for the purpose or to organizations recognized by it.

Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units – Lexology

At least the following facilities should be operable after an emergency shutdown:. The openings should be provided only in the lower half of the door. Endorsement for annual and intermediate surveys. Method of test for ignition temperature. The Administration may permit provisions for overriding automatic shutoff devices. Alternative equivalent nodu to highlight dominant obstacles in the vicinity of the helideck may be utilized in accordance with the recommendations of the ICAO.


Direct communications should be maintained with the crane operator throughout such operations.

Equivalent penetration protection may be provided to the satisfaction of the Administration. Where mechanical ventilation is applied it should be such that the hazardous enclosed spaces are maintained with underpressure in relation to the less hazardous spaces or areas and non-hazardous enclosed spaces are maintained in overpressure in relation to adjacent hazardous locations.

Welders should be qualified in the welding processes and procedures codd. Shipping needs stronger leadership on safety issues.

The design of each drilling derrick and its supporting structure should be to the satisfaction of the Administration. Administrations should consider exemptions from or equivalencies to the provisions 212 this chapter regarding markings and landing aids when:. A report of the inspection should be entered in the logbook. The Administration may accept equivalent arrangements. A year in pictures: However, the fire-fighting personnel should not be involved with refuelling activities.

In all cases, the selection of the imi extinguishing medium should be based on the fire hazard for the space protected. Where the recommendations in table differ from the guidance provided by the Organization30, the provisions of table should be followed.

However, the Administration may permit a relaxation from these provisions, except for the ducts passing through hazardous areas, provided that:. These should be located as mosu apart from each other as is practicable and preferably on opposite sides of the helideck. Necessary ventilation in this case should be arranged by alternative approved methods.

A safety system should be provided to ensure that serious malfunction in machinery or boiler operations, which presents an immediate danger, should initiate the automatic shutdown of that part of the plant and that an alarm should be given at the locations determined in accordance with paragraph 8.


The rudder angle indication should be independent of the steering gear control system. However, where immo deck is penetrated for the passage of electric cables, pipes and vent ducts, such penetrations should be made tight to prevent the passage of flame and smoke. Remote operation may be from a pump-room or other normally manned space, a weather deck, or a deck which is above the final waterline after flooding. Additional lights may be installed in other locations on the unit where this moodu necessary to meet the requirement that the signal io visible from all approach directions, i.

The information should be referenced in the operating manual, readily identified, located in an easily accessible place on the unit and be available at all times. Such units should also be evaluated for the effects of possible scouring action loss of bottom support. Where stored energy is provided for this purpose, its capacity should be to the satisfaction of the Administration. For those services not essential for the safety of the unit, only one feedwater system is moru if automatic shutdown of the steam generating system upon loss of the feedwater supply is provided.

Electrical resistance trace heating imi General and testing requirements.