In Xanadu [William Dalrymple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is an account of the quest which took William Dalrymple and his. IN XANADU [William Dalrymple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The author recounts his experiences as he retraced the route followed. At the age of twenty-two, William Dalrymple left his college in Cambridge to travel to the ruins of Kublai Khan’s stately pleasure dome in Xanadu.

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Anyway, I enjoyed my return visit to this book, and it certainly stirs one’s own eagerness to travel. He makes fun of the people’s inabilities to speak English, often translating what they speak in their native tongues into broken and xaanadu English in order to elicit cheap laughs from his colonial audience.

A fun trek across the continent.

The book, following in the footsteps of Marco Polo as he took oil from the lamp of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem to Xanadu, the lair built by Kubla Khan, is taken from his journal of the trip, and is alternatively horrifying, edifying and hilarious. I used to like Dalrymple.

Full of entertaining anecdotes, colorful characters and challenges. In Xanadu marks the arrival of a new star. Jan 17, Sean Mccarrey rated it it was amazing. The rest of the journey is outlined with descriptions of most of the ancient sites along the Silk Route, which Marco Polo was supposed to have passed. Antony and Cleopatra Old Favourites: Oct 02, Lisa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Since then I’ve read three of his other books two hits and a miss so it was interesting to return to my first encounter with him twenty-five years ago.

Nov 03, thereadytraveller rated it really liked it.

Dick Whittington and his meerkat Old Favourites: Dalrymple bungles his way through border checkpoints and tries to work around the requirements of special permits. He’s very funny and observant and has clearly done so much reading about this trip before he even sets off. His own travels also take him well off the beaten track such as when searching for carpet weavers in Kayseri and silk farms in Osku.


In Xanadu: A Quest

Dec 27, Daldymple Gupta rated it really liked it. Axnadu his Islamophobia shines across in this telling exchange: His portrayal of Laura and Louisa reads like caricature, which is true of his representation of practically everyone he meets on the way as well.

Dalrymple’s narration paints a colorful picture of the various regions he passes through over the course of his journey, with historical anecdotes and stories that build context and add an added layer of perspective to the narration, with references from numerous earlier travelers and descriptions of the cities and how they’ve building a larger backdrop against which the narration plays out.

Sep 05, Sonia Gomes rated it liked it.

In Xanadu by William Dalrymple | : Books

Throughout, his passions for the two do come through, and there’s a great degree of skill in providing the ‘right’ history to link with what he’s seeing in his travels rather dalrymp,e ‘all’ the history regardless.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Hilarious, irreverent, scholarly, and vivid account of the author’s epic journey across Asia on the Silk Road, in the footsteps of Marco Polo.

Well worth the read. Stylish, witty, and knowledgeable about everything from the dreaded order of Assassins to the hidden origins of the Three Magi, this is travel writing at its best.

Mary Poppins Old Favourites: Sep 18, Pages. The desire to escape is familiar to xandu students, and while one reads this book they find themselves fulfilling those ambitions by journeying side by side with Dalrymple as he battles illness and malicious border guards, meets fascinating locals and suffers on questionable modes of transport, the majority without suspension. With him we experience the creation of history, the readiness to savor the unexpected and the realization of why humans through centuries have been driven by wanderlust for the unknown – because, more often than not, it is quite literally the journey and not the destination that matters.


How it would have been in the time when the khanate was at its prime. The author knows to hold his audience firmly by sandwiching humor, nail biting incidents, Marco Polo’s writings in between more serious stuff about willliam places To embark on a journey from Jerusalem to Mongolia – tracing the path of Marco Polo in itself is a commendable feat – considering that the journey is fraught with dangerous places and not at a pleasure trip at al.

Dalrymple entertains with his British wit, colorful portrayals, sense of adventure and caricatures of his fellow travels.

Very nice idea in the first place following in the footsteps of the legendary Marco Polo. The discussion page may contain suggestions.

Book Review: William Dalrymple – In Xanadu: A Quest

Stay in Touch Sign up. William is married to the artist Olivia Fraser, and they have three children. I would have loved to see a piece with a little less architectural descriptions and more color xanxdu the fantastic and varied bunch of people he encountered along the way.

Return to Book Page. May 11, Lianne added it. This was the only reason why I picked up ‘In Xanadu: He loves digging up little nuggets about marooned silk-weavers to even forgotten Christian sects, and meets a variety of people, students, “import-export” traders, truck drivers, hippies and a host of others.

Apr 16, Ahimsa rated it liked it. It always amazes me to find out that so many of the historically significant events have religious motivations.

It is learned and comic, and a most gifted first book touched by the spirits of Kinglake, Robert Byron and E. To ask other readers questions about In Xanaduplease sign up. It’s not up to us to decide who faced the harder problems throughout their journeys. ddalrymple

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