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Making these adjustments out of order can introduce and not solve printing problems. The third 1 inch of the label is imaged into the third image band. Printing Regardless of your computer setup, you can use several methods to download information to print labels.

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Non-Intermec controllers may have different pin assignments. Main deck plate Label taken sensor Install the new sensor, routing janual cable through the cutout in the main deck plate and plugging it into the main PCB. Page 72 Hardware handshaking uses pin 11 or pin 20 of the RS interface to control data flow.

Communications Reference Communications Reference This chapter provides communications reference information. For a maintenance schedule of each part, see the Printer Maintenance Schedule table on pages Refer to the User’s Manual for detailed information.

Before You Begin Warranty Information To receive a copy of the standard warranty provision for this product, contact your local Intermec sales organization. To achieve the best print quality, raise the printhead with the printhead lift lever and position the printhead adjustment lever as shown in the illustration: Peel Release grams Note: This action ensures that all the FETs are held in the off condition to control start up and shut down transients. Install the media cover and the power cord and check the printer for proper operation.


Once the contents of an image band have been printed, it may be reused to image the next section of the label. Fonts and Graphics The intermsc contains 21 resident bitmap fonts and three outline fonts.

Self-strip printing is standard on the A and B. A good test will result in the following printout: To eliminate the effects of voltage overages and underages, install an uninterruptible power supply UPS or install a dedicated circuit for the printer and the host computer. The printer will lose data if the battery fails or is removed.

Label stock is loaded incorrectly. To clean the sensors 1.

Full text of “Intermec Service Manual”

You do not need to perform any more adjustments. Box Everett, WA U. Setting the MSN for Intermec Media and Ribbon For direct thermal media, use the three-digit sensitivity number located on the roll of media to set the sensitivity number. Inboard edge of printer. The stepper motor stalls while printing media that is less than 6. Sensitivity number is set incorrectly.

Where to Start If you have not already done so, review the user’s troubleshooting information in this chapter and use tests from Chapter 3, “Testing and Adjusting,” to determine if and how the printer performs offline. Install the power switch by pushing the new receptacle into the inntermec in the main deck plate. Resetting The Memory On Your Printer When you set the printer DIP switches to the setting for selective transfer, the mabual serial port is set at 19, baud, even parity, 1 stop bit, and 8 data bits.


Intermec 3400 Manuals

You can test a single font Font 20 shown or all of the fonts. At this point, all three available image bands have been filled. Adjust the bias adjust screw. While they are printing, adjust the TTR supply hub up or down with the thumbscrew on the tool until ribbon wrinkling is eliminated.

If you have a C printer, you can also reset the entire memory on the printer. Connecting The Printer To A Pc Parallel Port If you did not have the parallel interface installed at the factory, a field service technician can install the field installable option Part No.

Setting The Media Sensitivity Number Intermec has developed heating schedules the amount of heat required to image a label to produce the highest possible print quality for Intermec media and ribbon combinations on Intermec printers. Install the new main PCB, securing it with the seven screws removed in Step 3, and connect all of the cables.

Intermec 3400 User Manual

intermef Contents Loading Thermal Transfer Ribbon Chapter 2— Operating the Printer Thermal transfer 5 Route the ribbon leader through the printer mechanism as shown in the above illustration. The jumper between pins 1 and 2 of J3 must be removed and placed across pins 2 and 3.

Here are two examples of valid numeric character strings and one example of an invalid string: Replace the platen roller or printhead.