Itinerarium Antonini Avgvsti et Hierosolymitanvm: ex libris manvscriptis. edited by Gustav Parthey, Moritz Pinder. About this book. Terms of Service · Plain text. Item a vallo ad portum Ritupis, mpm. cccclxxxi sic. A Blato Bulgio Castra exploratorum, xii. Luguvallo, xii. Voreda, xiiii. Brovonacis, xiii. Verteris, xiii. Lavatris, xiiii. Itinerarium Antonini Placentini 35 (CCL ). Itinerarium Antonini Placentini 38 (CCL ). ” Itinerarium Antonini Placentini 39 (CCL ).

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Bury Hill, Weston under PenyardHerefordshire 11, paces.

Antonine Itinerary – Wikipedia

Some authors, such as Thomas Reynoldswithout challenging the authenticity of the forgery, took care to note its discrepancies and challenge the quality of its information. Ads help cover our server costs. Viaggiatori dalla Germania in Itinerarim. Retrieved from ” https: Sea MillsGloucestershire 14, paces.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While the document is no longer cited, since its authenticity became indefensible, its data has not been systematically removed from past and present works.

Itinerarium Antonini Avgvsti et Hierosolymitanvm: ex libris manvscriptis

Uggeri Formazione sistema strad. Itinerarium Antonini fullstendig Itinerarium provinciarum Antonini Augustien norsk tittel er Antoninske itinerariet er en kjent itinerariumet register over de fremste romerske veierderes stasjonene, bosetninger og distansene langs dem. By then, its false data had infected almost every account of ancient British history, and been adopted into the Ordnance Survey maps, [5] as General Roy and his successors believed it to be a legitimate source of information, on a par with the Antonine Itineraries.


Lucarini, Note a O. Latin Wikisource has original text related to this article: A Challenge to British Archaeologists available in only a few libraries. List of Roman place names in Britain and Roman roads in Britain.

Sull’antica Lupatia Dicembre Initially, it was a military communication artery, and, as in the whole of the Roman Empire, it became one of the important routes connecting Italy to the Balkans. Our contribution considers some data from the Peutinger map and the Antonine itinerary, regarding the mentioning of the Roman road and the stations along this road between the settlements Siscia and Sirmium, along the River Sava.

Sandy Lane, Wiltshire 15, paces. Travel and travelers in the fifteenth century – The routes between Germany and Italy in the modern age. Its authenticity was not seriously challenged untiland it was still cited as an authoritative source until the late nineteenth century.

Dens grunnleggende utgave er antagelig fra begynnelsen tallet. Below are the original Latin names for sites along route 14, [4] followed by a translation with a possible but not necessarily authoritative name for the modern sites.

The paper examines the cartographical knowledge that Luke Information based predominantly on the itinedarium allow us to outline the chronology of the construction and use of the road network in Lower Moesia. The British section is known as the Iter Britanniarumand can be described as the ‘ road map ‘ of Roman Britain. The first edition was by Geoffroy Troy: Help Center Find new research papers in: Itinerrium britiske seksjonen er senere blitt kjent som Iter Britanniarumog itinerafium bli beskrevet som veikart over romerske Britannia.


De Situ Britanniae made available c. Cuntz, Itineraria Romanavol. Information based predominantly on the inscriptions allow us to outline the chronology of the construction Log In Sign Up.

It was clearly used intensively, and in the late period stations along this road antojini to supply the infrastructure necessary for the official transportation system. In conclusion, I suggested that there are solid arguments in favour of rating the road along the River Sava as one of the earliest routes in Pannonia.

The itinerafium modern edition of the Itinerary is in O. Mildenhall, Wiltshire 20, paces.

Itinerarium Antonini Augusti

Grunnet knappheten til andre bevarte nedtegnelser av denne typen, er det en verdifull historisk opptegnelse. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The paper examines itnerarium cartographical knowledge that Luke has, the sources of that knowledge, and, using the spatial models of Henri Lefebvre, discusses the qualities of Luke’s spatial conceptions.

Views Read Edit View history. Antoninske itinerariet inneholder kun de veier som finnes i pretorenes register, eller som man vil si i dag, det statlige veinettet. This article presents the main archaeological and epigraphical data for reconstructing the roman roads network in Moesia Inferior.

The Art of DeceptionBerkeley: From Egypt to Constantinople: The Antonine Itinerary Latin: