JCT’s Home Owner Contracts are designed specifically for people looking for the benefits and protection of a contract when appointing consultants or contractors. This contract is for a home owner/occupier who has not appointed a consultant to administer the contract. The customer deals directly with the contractor. Please note that you do not need a subscription to purchase Homeowner Contracts which are only available as pdfs. The subscription service supports online.

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If this is unavoidable then you at least need to keep a close eye on homeownerrs to ensure there are no slip ups. Q Can I use the contract for anything else?

Events from this Firm. Coverage Regional and National coverage. In all likelihood it will depend on the situation and how familiar your contractor is with the JCT suite of contracts.

There are two versions of the building contract, one to be used where a consultant has been appointed to oversee the work, and one where the homeowner will oversee the work. A You will receive an order confirmation email that can be used a VAT receipt. For example, subsidence or vibration resulting from the carrying out of the works might cause such damage, even though the contractor has taken reasonable care.

The Draft Scottish Budget A The contracts are suitable for use in England and Wales. Q Can I get a refund on my Homeowner Contracts? In reality, however, the incorporation of liquidated damages provisions in a domestic context will at best be treated with contradt suspicion and at worst will either scare off many builders or they will refuse to accept such terms.


The length of time the work will take. The building contract sets out: Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. Q Will my builder be happy to use this contract? The contracts can be obtained from RIBA bookshops www.

Q Can I use the contract contrac than once?

SBCC – Standard building contracts : Homeowner Contract

The insurance provisions under MW11 are more sophisticated and provide for a greater range of projects though in the case of a residential occupier the contractor should have insurance in place for the works clause 5. Indeed both rely on good communication and a pragmatic approach to work. The parties’ names and addresses.

Draft contracts cannot be used for the tendering process with multiple contractors. It carries more weight and authority than HO09, a clear example of this being the damages provisions for late completion which are incorporated into MW More from this Firm.

Building Contract for a Home Owner

A There are no refunds for the Home Owner Contracts. However, this is the only instance within MW11 where the contract administrator may make such an award so if the contractor suffers losses not related to a variation as in the case of delays by the consultant or contract administrator, then these might have to be referred to adjudication, arbitration or litigation, unless some agreement can be reached.

Many disputes involving residential building projects arise because of a failure homeowbers put in place a formal written contract before work begins and because the parties fail to agree on certain essential things, such as what work must be carried out. A No, you can only use cojtract contract per contractor.


Can I print a draft of my contract before finalising it? Fee and payment arrangements.

Part 1 The arrangements for the work covers: Want to buy a downloadable PDF version? You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader here: The pack contains two copies – one each for cnotract client and contractor. Q Will the site accept my credit card if I live outside the UK?

How changes to the services are to be dealt with.

No, you can only use one contract per contractor. Q Can I buy printed versions of the contracts in a shop if I prefer not to buy online? Webinar – Construction Law Update: Some computers such as Apple Macs have default PDF readers built in which will appear as the primary reader for your contract. The contracts are suitable for use in England and Wales. The contracts are drafted in clear, simple language and come conttract guidance notes.

This is a risk which may be quite high with certain projects, such as those on tight urban sites or in close proximity to old buildings, and in such cases it may be advisable to take out a special policy for the benefit of the employer.