Kali Kavacham The Armor of Kali The Respected Eternal Lord Shiva said: Now I say that Kali Kavach, the one which Lord Brahma had uttered. kavacha related Sanskrit Documents in ITRANS script, available in various Indian athavA shyAmAkavacham (bhairavatantrArgatam) | Kalika Kavacham 3. shrIbhadrakAlIkavacham || shrIgaNeshAya namaH | nArada uvAcha | kavachaM pAtu chAmuNDA nairRRityAM pAtu kAlikA || 17|| shyAmA cha vAruNe pAtu.

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Kali Stotras – Kaali Kavcham – Kalika Sanskrit Stotra

Eat, eattrouble, troublekill ,kill, teartearbreak, break, Teartearruin, ruinerodeerode sanskit, enfeebleenfeeble, All kvaacham enemies. Reciting this Kavach a thousand times is equivalent to completing the homa offering. Thus they who read this Kavach get their ambitions realized. Kali is portrayed mostly in two forms: Dukhinojwarnam chaiva Swabheeshta drohina sthadha, Bhoga moksha pradham chaiva kalika kavacham padeth. These are the simple chants to salute and please the Black Goddess.

Brahmi, Shaivi, Vaishnavi cha VaarahiNarasimhika. A few points should thus be kept in mind:. Sathro prana prathishtam thu kuryath manthrena manthra vith, Hanyadasthra prakarena Sathro gacha yamakshayam.

As kavahcam gets into a routine of chanting, he may begin to feel a fine vibration. May She also protect all those my parts that have not been mentioned in this prayer or that are not mentionable. The sword signifies divine knowledge and the human head signifies human ego which must be slain by divine knowledge in order to attain moksha. Kali is the first of the 10 Mahavidyas, or manifestations of the Great Goddess, or ultimate reality.

Sunday, January 1, Kalika Kavacham. She is described as being black or blue in popular Indian art.

Kaumariiyndri cha Chamunda Khadanthu mama vidwisha. I am not translating these slokas as I am not at all conversant with Thanthric snaskrit of worship of the Goddess and I may give a wrong and dangerous import to these kail. Sureswari Ghora roopa Chanda munda vinasini, Munda mala vruthangi cha sarvatha pathu maam sadaa. This site uses cookies. When called by mantras that carry her vibrations, Kali responds with a direct power that often leads right through some cherished part of our ego attachments.


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He develops a sharp and powerful brain. Such a person remains free from infirmities and is long-aged; even those who are weak become strong. Dakshina Kali Dhyan Mantra This is also known as karpuradi stotram. A few points should thus be kept in mind: Victory to thee, Durga Devi! Hraam, HreemI am submitting my enemies to you, Oh Kalika. Please protect my life breath and all the Siddhis that I possess. Sathru nasa kare devi sarva sampath kare shubheSarva deva sthuthe devi Kalike thwaam namamyaham.

This mantra is believed asnskrit bring relief from all oali of problems, no matter how much complex it is. Hrim, may the Foremost protect my kavaham. Savasana sthithaam kalim munda mala vibhooshithaam, Ithi dhyathwaa Maha Kalim thasthu kavacham padeth.

This whole universe is the exposition of Her manifestation, She Who is the victor of all the three realms. Ramachander This is the version of the prayer as given in a book in Malayalam The prayer obviously belongs to thanthra method of worship of the Goddess. Neelothpala dala shyaamaamshathru sanga vidharineem, Nara mundam thadha gadgam, kamalam cha varam thadha.

Kali Mantra

She has ten faces, ten feet and three eyes for each head. Newer Post Older Post Home. She is without any fearhas a blood drenched face, She is fierce looking,She is worshipped by saints, She is Sitting on yogic pose, She is goddess who is everywhere, And has a clothing resembling the eight directions.

Oh God, Oh deva of devas, Oh lord of the pleasure of the devas, Oh Great Godplease tell me that secret, if it is permitted, By which enemies can be destroyed and souls can be protected, As I want it from your word as you are the incomparable God.


May She who is indivisible from akvacham side ensure my protection from every side, and may She who exists in all power and capability protect my waist.

This mantra is simple and transforms the devotee to pure consciousness. Jali do not know. Vairina pralayam yanthi vyaadhithaa vaa bhavanthi hi, Balaheenaa puthraheenaa Sasthra vasthasya sadhaa. Those who recite this Kavach have their desires fulfilled; the issueless get children, the moneyless get riches, and the students get good education. Meditating on Mahakali as sitting in the yogic pose of corpseAnd decorating herself with a garland of severed heads, You have to read this armour.

We focus our energies on you, may you grant us boons and blessings. Chanting should be started with respect, faith and honesty.

Kaali Sanskrit Stotras – Kaalika Prayers

The aspirant who recites this Kavach with full feeling every iin after respectfully invoking the Goddess has all desires fulfilled. May You protect my neck, and She who is the manifestation of all the noble sentiments of altruism, protect my upper back.

May the Goddess with great eyes protect my navel region. I was looking for the meaning. Om hreem hreem roopineem chaivaHraam hreem hraam roopineem thadha, Hraam hreem kshom kshoum swaroopa saa, Sadaa shathroon vidharayeth.

Shathroonaam yena nasa syadhathmano rakshaanam bhaveth, Parameswaryamathulam labhedhyena hi thad vada.

This Kavach if written on the bark of the birch tree with a sandalwood piece, wood-apple scent, red vermilion, and red sandalwood powder mixed to a paste, would give much reward to the person who sanslrit it.