Thew Kernel BADI takes it to the ABAP language level with new That is one of the reasons why Kernel BADI is faster than classic BADI. Was trying to figure out how to implement BADI_SORTER to guarantee the implementation sequence for the new kernel BADI. Searched SCN. Advantage: It is for sure that you will get the respective BADI. Disadvantage: It is not possible to get USER-EXIT or kernel BADI (As Kernel BADI.

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Is Kernel BADI ‘really’ faster than Classic BADI ? | SAP Blogs

Thanks and Regards, Abyson Joseph. Good analysis… Thanks for sharing ….

March 6, at 7: These methods can have only Importing and Changing parameters Exporting Parameters are not allowed. Click on YES to continue.

Kernel BAdI with Multiple use (Multiple Implementation) with Filter

On clicking yes, you will be navigated to editor for the method. Enter subscreen as Now time to add filter condition in created Filters. Expand this, select Implementation and click on the highlighted button to create an implementation. May 17, at 6: Thanks and Regards Abyson Joseph. September 28, at Click on the create BADI button. Thanks and Regards, Abyson Joseph. Reusing Instantiation — An object plug-in that was used once badu the current internal mode is reused, if it is required more than once.


A different active implementation is then called for each value. Hey Wbap — this is a good one! Now double click on the highlighted line on the right hand side.

Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. After this to add different Filter condition click on Combination button. The parameters inside these Interface methods can only be Importing and Changing. Every Implementation needs a class, if we provide same class name then this Implementation will inherit the methods of first Implementation which will be useless. Now double click on the method of the interface. Create or open an existing program in SE But I have explained it already above, why i have added the spot in the demo custom program.

Save and Activate the enhancement implementation. Usability — Multiple use — that is, there can be several active implementations Limited Filter Use — This makes the BADI Filter-dependent — that is, you apply a filter value to each method called for example, a country.

Now filters are all ready to be used in Report program. In above screen shot highlighted section shows how to use filters in program.

Exporting parameters are not allowed in Interface methods.


hadi All these methods can then be called using BAdi. This context controls the instantiation. June 8, at 5: Only one object plug-in is created for each context and implementing class.

Badi_Sorter with Kernel Badi and other sorting options

Now need to create Enhancement Implementation so that methods created inside Interfaces can be called. Now activate the program and execute it.

As of Release 7. If possible please share some more info on the kernel and classic badi. No search term specified. The debugger will display the sorting order of the 3 implementations at line You can either add existing interface or will be prompted to create. Since there is no specific requirement, I just wrote a code to show an Information kdrnel, as shown below.

Class name is required here because using this class only we will be able to use ethods. First the system will ask for enhancement implementation name. Now there is one more new requirement to have currency conversion to IN.