: Be Still My Vampire Heart: Love at Stake, Book 3 (Audible Audio Edition): Kerrelyn Sparks, Donna Rawlins, HarperAudio: Books. When a beautiful mortal starts slaying vampires in Central Park, the Vamps Be Still My Vampire Heart is the third full-length novel in the Love at Stake Series. So far, I’ve really been enjoying Kerrelyn Sparks’ Love at Stake series. engaged in fun and exciting stories, and Be Still My Vampire Heart is no exception.

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The only good vampire is a dead vampire. I really liked this one. Well this is the best one I’ve read in this series so far. Box, and she will send those items to you. Sound familiar with this plot, like previous two books? She’s secretly going out at night and killing vampires and has earned the nickname vamlire even though no one know its her. Can she and Angus stay safe hezrt happy, and will they get over their differences?

I really liked this series, but I have never heard a narrator this bad before. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

There was a lot of action both krerelyn and steamy in this book and I was glad for it, and hope that stupid hard-headed Sean is finally maybe coming around.

He’s strong, gorgeous, protective and witty. Headt four kills to her credit, she feels like she’s protecting all of mankind from the evil bloodsuckers.

Be Still My Vampire Heart

Where they end may be a predictable finale, but the path there was fun, exciting and enjoyable. Please try again later.

Angus is a centuries old vampire who is also the owner of MacKay Security and Investigations. This book series is one of my favorites and I have read all the books in the series, in some cases multiple times.


Be Still My Vampire Heart — book review

She’s some kind of psychic and she sort of tuned in to her father’s head as he and her mother were being killed. Considering his background this makes no sense. In this book the romance between them had a much better development than in the last two, it seemed more real. Not someone to be protected and put on a pedestal but someone who would fight beside him and be his partner. For Emma, vampire is evil, but soon, she knows, that vampire like human to.

He has some odd way of humor and habits. They have no idea how outclassed they really are.

Loved the book, loving the series The narrator Utterly Rubbish she cannot do any type of accents, Don’t use her again. I was so put off vampir the narrator performance of the accents that I couldn’t even finish the book all the way which was very up setting since I’ve read this book and love it and most all Kerrelyn Sparks books and enjoy listening to the audio versions of the books.

Emma She doesn’t just work for the Vampire Hunter Squad, she’s also the vampire slayer. The girl father finally gives up hunting the vampires down and save his stkll because she happy where she is.

January 4 I listened to this book as a reread and loved it just as much the second time round. Angus works hard to get her to trust him and to keep her safe.

Thanks for telling us vampige the problem.

When it comes down to a choice between her life and keeping kerreelyn vow, he knows he must break it, but it doesn’t stop him from feeling extreme guilt about it to the point that he nearly lets the best thing that ever happened to him get away. May contain moderately descriptive love scenes, usually no more than three. Austin and Darcy Vamps and the Citywho are hunting the evil Casimir in Eastern Europe, come to Angus and Emma’s rescue when they’re abducted heartt the bad guy vamps.


And it’s her job to kill him. However, it’s not at all necessary to have read the other books to understand this one. Is that what hearr father’s final words to his daughter would be?

The impassioned speech he gave Emma about how it was a man’s duty and privilege to pleasure a woman was totally smokin’ hot. Austin and Darcy Vamps and the Citywho are hunting the evil Casimir in Eastern Europe, come to Angus and Emma’s rescue when they’re abducted by the bad guy vamps. Much like Jamie, Angus’s honor means everything to him and his word is his solemn bond. Aku lupa bikin review yang satu ini, jadi akan kuupdate setelah refresh baca beberapa bagian penting seperti misteri kenapa Angus rutin mengecek ke balik kiltnya?

This is the American word for handbag; a purse to Brits is a female’s wallet, a small coin-holder, and not the bag that they are evidently referring to.

Forgive me if this analogy is too far out there but I believe that ‘Be Still My Vampire Heart’ is like those something presents the year before in that Ms. Ships from and sold by Amazon.