Select a Clinic. Pick at least one of the criteria for selecting clinics. Click the Cal link for a pop-up calendar. State/Province: State/Province, Alabama, Alaska. Laura Stamm’s Power Skating presents the techniques and drills that Laura Stamm has used to train some of the top professional teams and players. With more. **Register using the ticket link** Monday – Wednesday JULY 17th – 19th, Clinic Price: $ Group A: pm, Group B: pm. Group A: Ages .

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When I see pros skating around with their sticks waving in the air, I think, ‘Why are they doing that?

Power Skating Schools in US – Laura Stamm Power Skating

I was doing something brand new, and it worked. You just knew she was ahead of her time back then when she was talking about stuff like that. And when they get to phase 2 should they still practice at phase 1? Johnson said Stamm showed him the proper way to make a crossover step — “I didn’t realize there were supposed to be two pushes in there,” he said. Opwer actually invented and designed a program that worked.

In the summer ofthe New York Islanders asked Stamm to work one-on-one with one of their top prospects, Bobby Nystrom.


An innovator on ice, Laura Stamm wrote the book on power skating

It’s not all about power, she said. If you’re not on your toes you’re not going to get the explosion you need. She had diagrams in her book where she broke it down to a science. She talked to him about posture and the importance of core strength. Never hit a glass ceiling. Register for Canadian Clinics. These days her students include girls and women, but for years they were all men.

US Clinics

We do this by having the players at all levels practice well within their comfort level. She cared enough about me to want to help me out. Rob Murray, the team’s current coach, said it’s a big plus for the team to have someone who can make players more efficient skaters. Look at our skills tests to tell which phase your player is in. That began Stamm’s long love affair with Alaska.

Special Sections Holiday Gift Guide. If you notice the All Star AA test is the first test to require the player to do the skating techniques with the puck!

As a result, she never ran into barriers. It’s about the ABCs of ice skating and hockey. She taught him how and why to use his skate edges. Register for US Clinics. There, she realized that even though the kids played hockey, many didn’t skate well.


For skating with the puck under pressure situations, you are now looking sjating the advanced players in the Elite Workshop.

I would ask them, ‘Why don’t you zigzag? It provides instruction on stopping, accelerating, turning and other fundamental — but often neglected — skills.

In the 45 years she has worked in a nearly all-male industry, Laura Stamm has never encountered resistance or disrespect and has never experienced a hint of hostility or harassment.

Events Best of Alaska. If players choose to repeat our clinics they will be presented with the same techniques as they were in the first clinic.

But there was one night long ago when one of Alaska’s first hockey stars was afraid Stamm would hit the roof. Stamm, he said, recognized skatint Mele was sometimes leaning too much and sometimes not enough. It’s about quickness, agility and balance.

There is something to be said about the benefits of challenging your player to perform at a slightly higher level.