Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol. Sep;60(3) Lichenoid dysplasia: a distinct histopathologic entity. Krutchkoff DJ, Eisenberg E. We have observed. Citation. M Virdi, A Sachdev, A Gupta, K Aggarwal. Lichen Planus Or Lichenoid Dysplasia: Is It Premalignant!. The Internet Journal of Head and Neck Surgery. We have observed, both in the literature and in practice, that pathologists frequently fail to appreciate subtle dysplastic features in lesions with lichenoid.

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In case of misdiagnosis; if same treatment i. Rajendran R, Sivapathasundharam B.

Proposal for a set of modified WHO diagnostic criteria of oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid Lesions [17] Click here to view. The possible premalignant character dys;lasia oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid lesions: Related articles Erythema multiforme graft versus host disease lichenoid drug reactions oral lichenoid dysplasia oral lichenoid lesion oral lichen planus stomatitis venenata.

Thus these parameters may used to predict their behavior.

Red, white and ulcerated oral lesions – some consideration for the diagnostic approach. J Oral Pathol ; Total of ten cells were analyzed from each field. Chronic GVHDs in minor salivary glands and oral mucosa; histopathological and immunohistopathological evaluation of 25 patients.

Lichenoid dysplasia revisited – evidence from a review of Indian archives.

Lack of clinicopathologic correlation in the diagnosis of oral lichen planus based on the presently available diagnostic criteria and suggestions for modifications. Lichenoid lesions of oral mucosa. Immune activation and chronic inflammation as the cause of malignancy in oral lichen planus: In terms of cell disorders indicative of malignant disease, oral lichen planus had an average 5.


Although it has been confirmed that these two entities are entirely different with not so similar etiopathogenesis, yet the confusion still exists. Confounding factors vysplasia as smoking were taken into consideration while diagnosing 8.

Indian J Dent Res ;14 2: After five years of licheenoid follow up and postsurgical excision, no sign of recurrence was observed. All the parameters were seen to be increased. Clinically, such lesions are usually unilateral and have a predilection for vermillion area, palate and buccal mucosa.

Morphometric analysis of suprabasal cells in OLP showed increase in cell size when compared to other white lesions. Find articles by Kumud Mittal.

Lichenoid dysplasia: a distinct histopathologic entity.

Lack of clinicopathologic correlation in the diagnosis of oral lichen planus based on the presently available diagnostic criteria and suggestions for modifications. Histopathological examination revealed hyperparakeratinized hyperplastic epithelium with saw tooth shaped rete ridges and juxta epithelial band of chronic inflammatory cells chiefly lymphocytes.

Lichenoid reaction associated with amalgam or other dental restorations can be differentiated clinically on the basis of its unilateral presentation and its topographical relation with the licbenoid restoration. Oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid lesions; A critical appraisal with emphasis on the diagnostic aspects.

Systemic dysp,asia erythematosus presenting with oral mucosal lesions: According to these authors, the cases of development to malignancy described in the literature are related to a condition with distinct histopathologic characteristics known as lichenoid dysplasia.


Notwithstanding the lichenoir that surrounds this topic, health care workers must be fully aware of the importance dysplasiq providing close follow-up to patients with lichen planus and other chronic diseases. Case Report A year-old male patient reported to the Dental Outpatient Department with a chief complaint of excessive burning sensation upon eating spicy food since two months. J Oral Pathol Med Unilateral plaque type oral lichenoid lesion on the lateral border of tongue representing oral lichenoid dysplasia Click here to view.

Pathology and genetics head and neck tumours.

Oral lichenoid dysplasia: a clinicopathologic analysis.

J Calif Dent Assoc ; One of the two nonsmokers was a denture wearer with a single episode of candidiasis. Three women had a diagnosis of oral lichen planus OLPwhich was made on the basis of clinical and histologic features. Krutchkoff DJ, Eisenberg E. Morphometric analysis of suprabasal cells in oral white lesions. Eisenberg E, Krutchkoff DJ.

In retrospect, the initial biopsy specimens of two patients exhibited lichenoid dysplasia, whereas that of the third showed only lichenoid mucositis. Proliferative verrucous leukoplakia and precancerous conditions In: Lichen planus, Lichenoid reaction, Squamous cell carcinoma.