The public identifier starts with: ” -//W3C//DTD XHTML Transitional// “. The system identifier is not missing and the public identifier starts with. notes de cours sur HTML et liste des balises; un autre cours généraliste sur XHTML/CSS; généralités sur les CSS et exemple concret · tester vos attributs pour. 20 nov. Utiliser les balises spécifiques en XHTML: et (cf geoURL et Dublin Je vous renvoie au wiki de ce site pour avoir la liste des.

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I. Tellier : enseignement

Otherwise, set the frameset-ok flag to “not ok”; then, dee each attribute on the token, check to see if the attribute is already present on the body element the second element on the stack of open elementsand if it is not, add the attribute and its corresponding value to that element. Switch to the comment end bang state.

Attributes must be separated from each other by one or more space characters. Let is be the value of the ” is ” attribute in the given token, if such an attribute exists, or null otherwise.

Create an element for the token for which the element node was created, in the HTML namespacewith common ancestor as the intended parent; replace the entry for node in the list of active formatting elements with an entry for the new element, replace the entry for node in the stack of open elements with an entry for the new element, and let node be the new element. Comment and character tokens have data.


If the current end tag token is an appropriate end tag tokenthen switch to the before attribute name state. Otherwise, leave the tokenizer in the data state. If the JavaScript execution context stack is empty, perform a microtask checkpoint.

PHP: strip_tags – Manual

Then, if the document is not an iframe srcdoc documentand the DOCTYPE token matches one of the conditions in the following list, then set the Document to quirks mode:. If the stack of open elements baliss not have a caption xhtjl in table scopethis is a parse error ; ignore the token. Except where otherwise specified, the task source for the tasks mentioned in this section is the DOM manipulation task source.

When an end tag token is emitted with attributes, that is a parse error.

Let entry be the last most recently added element in the list of active formatting elements. In the common case, the data handled by the tokenization stage comes from the network, but it can also come from script running in the user agent, e. Let attribute name and attribute value be the empty string. The following steps form the HTML fragment serialization algorithm. Whether the attributes in the table above are conforming or not is defined by other specifications e.

Blises complex logic consider using DOM parser.

The following markup shows how nested formatting elements such as b get collected and continue to be applied even balisrs the elements they are contained in are closed, but that excessive duplicates are thrown away. A MathML mi element.

As another example, consider the attribute xlink: Whether the document is set to no-quirks modelimited-quirks modeor quirks mode. Switch to the script data escaped less-than sign state.


Newlines at the start of textarea elements are ignored as an authoring ded. For historical reasons, certain elements have extra restrictions beyond even the restrictions given by their content model.

Generate implied end tagsexcept for li elements. Set node to the previous entry in the stack of open elements. If an attribute using the double-quoted attribute syntax is to be followed by another attribute, then there must be a space character separating the two.

If there is a template element on the stack of open elementsor if the form element pointer is not null, ignore the token.


Pop elements from the stack of open elements until a p element has listr popped from the stack. While the parser is processing a token, it can enable or disable foster parenting. If the parser was originally created dex the HTML fragment parsing algorithmthen mark the script element as ” already started “. The algorithms in the sections below will push insertion modes onto this stack, meaning that the specified lste mode is to be added to the stack, and pop insertion modes from the stack, which means that the most recently added insertion mode must be removed from the stack.

If an attribute using the empty attribute syntax is to be followed by another attribute, then there must be a space character separating the two.