罗汉拳 definition at , a free online dictionary with English, Mandarin Chinese, Pinyin, Strokes. Look it up now!. Kung fu shaolin quan – luohan quan, Melzo. likes · 2 talking about this. Kung fu tradizionale per la difesa personale. Luo Han Quan is one of the advanced routines of the Eagleclaw family. Abstracting the practical hand skills from “Lian Quan” such as Roll-out Punch, Screw.

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Hanging onto life striving for the attainment after many years that which remained were his long quwn. Although many folklore and legends persist and have captured the imagination of many including the most popular variant that Boddhidharma Da Mo passed 18 Luohan hands as a form of exercises, the Luohan in martial arts date back to the 17th century. During that time Buddhists had undergone a period of persecution from the Emperor Tang Wuzong and a group of faithful had taken the Luohan as guardians at the time.

It is the most famous, and of the most important styles of Shaolin kung fu. Luohan quan is considered a completely pure Buddhist Shaolin style. This is one of the longest and most physically demanding of the Luohan sets. Considered the leader of the Arhats – the long eyebrows indicate longevity and seniority. This are elaborated upon in the next section.

One of the oldest known statues of such depiction are from Yixian county, Hebei Province. In total there are over 18 sequences some short and others long ranging between 12 up to techniques within each sequence.

Luohan quan

There are methods, with 6 sections. Liang Shou Zhong was a disciple of Chen Dongguan and selected as representative of Luohan boxing when government researchers came to Fuzhou in the ‘s as part of the martial arts collection activities.

He was fortunate to receive tuition from many masters in a variety of styles and became an important figure in Fujian martial arts holding posts such as President of the Quanzhou martial arts research society and the Fujian provincial martial arts bureau. Often with a grand assembly of natural and supernatural beings: The first paintings depicted only sixteen 16 Arhats and even this was an increase from an original four.


Luohan style is the oldest and the representative style of Shaolin kung fuso that the name Luohan quan is sometimes considered an equal name for the whole vast system of Shaolin Temple martial arts. To the practices in those three main areas, there are again many variations and schools thereof. Luohan’s 18 hands are considered the elementary forms in Shaolin kung fu.

These will be outlined below to understand how Luohan Quan came to be in the Southeastern areas of China.

Luohan Quan | 罗汉拳

Southern Luohan Boxing Traditions In terms lkohan Luohan Quan there are many differen styles and thus each with its own history. There is a famous saying, “all martial arts under heaven originated from Shaolin,” and all styles at Shaolin originated from Luohan 18 hands and Luohan quan. Many of the sets are also matching so that they can be practiced with a partner.

The ” combat methods of Arhat” is a set of fighting methods of luoyan and grappling throwing, locking, and take-downswhich have been created and developed by Shaolin monks of various generations. As far as related to Shaolin temple qusn arts, the names Luohan quan and Shaolin quan are often considered synonyms and therefore interchangeable.

It is from those concepts that the Luohan were born and to be taught to generations later. There are many practices to Luohan Quan. In terms of the Southern martial arts the boxing methods of the Minbei region highly influenced by descendants of the Celestial Masters group of Daoists and by the Zhangzhou Hongmen and Hakka efforts in the South derivatives of the White Lotus movement under the banner of the Tian Di Hui all played a part in combining boxing methods with names from historical, spiritual and religious figures.

Small Arhat Boxing video.

Fo zhang luo han quan ()

Shaolin Luohan 18 hands and Luohan quan are always praised as the root styles based on which most the Shaolin kung fu styles and many other non-Shaolin styles have been created. The original roots of Luohan style date back to the early eras of Shaolin temple. It is after the stories of the Ming Dynasty that the glortifying of legends amongst the Han people were being spread and applied to various cultural and religious movements.

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The style’s attributes are in line with those of the Zhejiang region with deep stances, direct powerful striking and use of tensile motions. Inhe commenced the Jianying martial arts Institute. Some styles have created a history based on legends, others are short to only reach a few generations since their propagation whislt some even include religious lines of monks into their lineage.

Movements are large and extended including the use of the full arsenal of the human body. It is because of this that the Luohan are considered in high regard within Chinese Mahayana Buddhism. Luohan Quan is derived from the styles across Zhejiang, Fujian and Nanyang. At the sixth stage some do not complete fully and therefore become Luohan rather than Boddhisattvas.

There are also many armed practices with weapons sets including 35 for long and 72 short weapons and over 24 combined combat sets.

Master Zhang is said tro have studied with a monk at Shan Feng Temple and later taught the style in Pingnan. This style consists of elements from Taizu Quan, Luohan Quan mainly as well as some arts from Zhejiang. This idea worked and then the tiger became tamed and the townspeople no longer lived in fear. This style has 32 movements, which in total make 18 postures. Shaolin Luohan’s 18 hands movements are simple and straight.

The last two were to be added much later even as late as the 17th century.

Shaolin Arhat Fist video.